I'm Eric Miller. I live in Boulder, CO, USA. If I had to pick a professional title I'd call myself a technology architect. It's what I'm most often paid to do, and I enjoy it. It's very satisfying to craft elegant, efficient, and beautiful systems.

Apps, platforms, games, little one-off DIY projects ... Strong preference for the animated, musical, and interactive. The more theater, the better!

But good theater happens because all the invisible roles offstage and all the structures beneath the surface are skillfully handled and all fit together. I have a BS from Stanford in Symbolic Systems and have been working in tech for around 20 years. Have gained and lost expertise in more environments and languages than I can remember ... currently I'm most fluent in modern Javascript: Node, React, React Native. But—and I think this is poorly understood by many in the industry—the principles of architecture and design are largely orthogonal to the materials used.

Languages, frameworks, and environments come and go. Learning a medium and set of tools is easy. Mastering the principles that allow you to do great work in any medium takes training and experience.

The architecture metaphor's kinda funny 'cause I also have an M.Arch degree—the one you get for, like, the building kind of architecture. Really interesting education, and though I never planned to be that kind of architect, technology and the built environment are converging!

(Interactive installation art is my fave. ❤️)

I'm currently working at Crispin Porter Bogusky as an Associate Creative Technology Director. If you want to reach out you can find me on the interwebs:

Last update: November 2019.